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De instelling 3 fase meter
(06-11-2020, 19:12 PM)Patrick K schreef: Good evening; sorry to post this in English, but my Dutch is too rusted to write clearly; I am a new Beeclear user in Belgium / Wallonia, and have got the same problem as described: no Elektriciteit Actueel display, as the date on top of the chart displays 1970. I had to set the parameter '3 phases' to UIT to have a display. The problem is that I have a 3 phases smartmeter!
The info display is following:

Software versie                             49.10_BE
Regio                                            BE
Hardware versie                            2
DSMR protocol versie                   50214

meter type                                   FLU5\253769484_A
Serie nummer elektriciteit meter    1SAG3100121400

uptime                                         8 dagen
tijd bron                                      ntp

P1-signaal                                    Ok
SD-kaart aanwezig                       Ok
SD-kaart grootte                         15.47 GB
SD-kaart vrije ruimte                   100.0%

Is it normal?? Please explain...
Dank u wel in vooraad

Dear Patrick K,

Can you generate a so called debug.log for us? 

You can find instructions how to generate a debug_info.log at page 31 of the manual (see attachement).

Please mail the debu_info.tar.gz file to: info@beeclear.nl


Your2Power - BeeClear

.pdf   Manual_BeeClear_EN_v002.pdf (Grootte: 1,95 MB / Aantal keer gedownload: 1.379)

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